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Demented Asylum is an adult(21+) gaming community formed in 2011. We came together with a common goal of enjoying games, while maintaining a respectful, playful, and drama free environment. Most members of DA have been in hardcore guilds in the past and are now looking for a more relaxed raid schedule while still progressing and knocking out content. Our members and structured atmosphere is what sets us apart from other guilds. We are productive while maintaining a casual mind set. We don't push for world first or bragging rights, we push because we enjoy progression and enjoy gaming.  DA was built on the motto "Games are fun". Whether we play a game casually or focus on end game raiding, we will always stick with our motto to keep the games fun and entertaining for our members. 

We use Teamspeak3 as our VOIP. Anything goes in chat. We only ask that you respect other members.

We also chat outside of games via Groupme. 

Couples are welcome (We already have several). 

We are mostly East coast and have a general core playing hours of 6-12 EST.

Each game we are currently involved in has its own division. Each Division can be seen on our home page. 

Visit our recruiting forums to view information on each division's recruiting or click "Apply to Guild"  to apply now.