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re: Favorite phone game yet!


WARNING!: Long read.  For those with short attention spans, skip to the bottom to see highlights about the game.

Anyone keeping up with my phone game shenanigans has probably already heard me talk about Greed for Glory.  I played it back when it was a new game and it was kinda fun back then, however I quit playing as there wasn't much interest in DA.  

After getting some DA folks to play Castle Clash and having a bit of fun Starting a DA guild in game, I recently picked Greed for Glory back up and decided to check out their Clan system.  I must say it is the best clan system of any phone game I've played to date.  Due to a 'still' lack of support from DA fans, I currently joined a random clan (Grey Eyed Dragons)  

So I bet your wondering what is so exciting about this game?  Unfortunately it is not the graphics.  To keep the game running on as many phone platforms as possible the graphics are a bit meh.  However this is easily made up for by the Clan system and amount of continued support.  About the Clan system:  If you have played Clash of Clans, this system is some what similar with soooo very much more to offer.  There is the standard clan chat as well as the ability to provide support troops to your guildies, however that is where the similarities end.  In Greed for Glory everyone gets what is called a Clan Builder.  Unlike a standard builder, the Clan builder doesn't do upgrades, instead the clan builder is used to speed up upgrades.   It basically cuts upgrade time in half.  Unfortunately for all you stingy folks you can't use the clan builder on your own constructions, instead you use the clan builder on a fellow clan members home to help them build faster.  Greed for Glory Clans don't stop there.  Clans go to war.  Literally the game puts two clans against each other, gives them an equal # of lives and the first clan with no lives left loses.  It is great!  The war lasts a couple days and the victor gets the riches.

If the Clans do not excite you, you may like the continued support the game has.  They continue to spit out expansions (maybe even too fast).  The expansions add new buildings, creatures to fight with, as well as additional campaigns to keep you entertained.  Have a builder but no money?  Put him to work digging for lost treasure.  Digging up treasure yields sweet loot.

I am currently in a random guild, but would really love it if we could get a DA started.  Unfortunately as far as I can tell the game is only for android.  Respond here if you pick up the game.  For now, those interested can join the clan I am currently in.  If we get enough DA interest, I will start a clan.

List of what makes this game fun

  • Clan Builder: Cut fellow clan members build time in half as well as they cut your build time in half
  • Clan Wars: There are the standard random battles as well, but the Clan battles are where it is at.  Balanced Clan vs. Clan matches that last several days
  • Clan troop support: Send your clan members troops to help with defense and attacks
  • Continued expansions:
    • 4 total campaigns
    • added buildies
    • added creatures
  • Treasure chests: X marks the spot.  Dig for treasure and find treasure chests with great rewards
  • Amazing support: Prizes given out during down time (server updates, etc).  They patch, giving us updates and then presents to say sorry the servers had to come down!

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